CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™: Perfect for ANYbody or training style

Another guest blog from JP Brice of CrossCore USA. We have a piece to follow about JPs personal story with CrossCore 180 and how even as a very strong bodybuilder Rotational Bodyweight Training™ helped him with his chronic low backpain. In meantime here is why CrossCore USA are so passionate about the CrossCore180® and why Balance Performance […]

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Invitation to London Triathlon Club

Balance Sports Injury specialist, cycle fitter and triathlete Frances Lynn has invited the triathletes of Pro VO2 (Fulham, London) to make use of our Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill… Here is the invitation Frances extended on the Pro VO2 club site/forum Dear Pro-Vo2 Athlete, Balance Performance Physiotherapy would like to invite you as a ProVo2 team athlete […]

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