Claire Bennett (No. 2 Great Britain Fencer), talks injury, rehab and Balance Performance Physiotherapy

The Balance team are very proud to have been working with Claire for a while now and have helped her come back from several problems. But don’t let us tell you about it, hear it straight from Claire. Follow the link to read the whole article on Famously Fit’s website. <a href="http://www.famouslyfit.com/celebrity-fitness/claire-bennett-no-2-great-britain-fencer-injury-rehab-and-balance-performance"

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GB Fencer Claire Bennett’s injury experience

Balance Performance supports and sponsors several athletes, Judo player Winnie Gordon was the first, he’s still winning, most recently in Sarajevo gaining Gold Medal in the European Cup (90kg category), http://bit.ly/erJhrJ . The most recent athlete to join the team is Claire Bennett (Fencing). Claire is a great person to work with unfortunately she has […]

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