Strength in sport: Fundamental lifts vs sport specific

Words from Balance Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach Sabina Skala: Funny that just after a chat with my friend Paul Garvie aka “The Powerhouse” about how the best results in the training comes from the fundamental movements this old article flashed on my screen. Jim Wendler is one of the great strength and conditioning coaches in […]

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Pilates Sanctuary Clapham is 5 this November

Balance Performance has worked alongside Pilates Sanctuary for 5 years now, its been a great relationship as they fully understand our concept of movement, function, performance and recovery. They guide the clients we refer to their equipment and mat studio within our site in Clapham to adopt improved active lifestyles based on a strong foundation […]

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War Machine review from Gymless training blog

A review of the WarMachine pulley suspension system from Alistair Ramsey who attended an introduction to this versatile equipment at Balance Performance. My only regret is that Alistair didn’t pick up on the versatility the WarMachine offers when it comes to leg training. The pulley allows you to work with alternate legs, a cyclical motion, […]

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