PowerWheel review

We havent gone live with our online Physio retail shop as yet but we still stock a bunch of things to assist people through the early days of sports injury or back pain episode. Then onwards through rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance then you get onto strength and conditioning (at home or an independent gym facility […]

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NEW CLASS – kettlebell technique clinic

90 minutes of quality kettlebell technique instruction, practice and correction, for all levels, plus a Q&A to better understand how you can achieve your goals and make the transformations you hoped for when you started. For the kettlebell beginner: You will have a chance to go through the fundamental drills at a pace that suits […]

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Plans for Balance in 2009

Happy New Year from the team at Balance. We are very excited about the year ahead even if a lot of people are talking about 2009 being a gloomy year for business. For the past 8 years we have actively¬†encouraged clients to take a long term perspective when it comes to dealing with their injuries,¬†episodes […]

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