Radial Shockwave Therapy and Achilles Tendonitis

Podiatrist, foot and ankle specialist Benn Boshell offers Radial Shockwave Therapy here at Balance Performance for a range of conditions – see them below – including chronic achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. Benn has put some information together about this treatment and the technology: What is Radial Shockwave Therapy? Radial shockwave therapy is a new […]

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Strength in sport: Fundamental lifts vs sport specific

Words from Balance Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach Sabina Skala: Funny that just after a chat with my friend Paul GarvieĀ aka “The Powerhouse” about how the best results in the training comes from the fundamental movements this old article flashed on my screen. Jim Wendler is one of the great strength and conditioning coaches in […]

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Movement, awareness, Kenyan runners

Watch more videos on Flotrack “I think Kenyans are very much in tune with their bodies, they’re in tune with movement, in tune with the ground. Some of them become very very sensitive and know the limits of their body, they know it instinctively.” Brother Colm O’Connell – running coach. At Balance we’ve long been […]

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World class footballers quickly caught up with the Balance Performance team on BodyHelix compression

World class footballers quickly caught up with the Balance Performance team in realising Body Helix provided the highest quality compression to prevent injury and recover faster. Robin Van Persie is an excellent example! To see the full BodyHelix compression sleeve range before visiting our shop go to:

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