Exercise and Sports in Pregnancy: from CrossFit to Yachting, get informed

Exercise and sport in pregnancy: don’t listen to the newspapers, or women’s magazines. In every aspect of health, fitness and wellbeing we encourage you to take control, take responsibility, and get informed from credible sources. It’s no different when it comes to the beautiful status of pregnancy and ensuring good health for yourself and your […]

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movement culture at Balance Performance

To address the long term, to build resilience, to take advantage of the healing that the sports injury and spinal rehabilitation professionals provide you need to develop your own movement culture. A growing number of people are teaching good movement habits: Ido Portal is a great mover but more importantly he is encouraging and teaching […]

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Sleep and health: news from the bat cave

At Balance we often discuss sleep with our clients, its effect on pain and recovery (injury specific recovery and recovery from day to day life) is significant – as is hydration, diet, movement, mobility etc. Recently thanks to partnership with specialist retailer “Back in Action” and the space they occupy at our Clapham facility we […]

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