Free Trigger Point Self Massage technique class in Clapham, South London


FREE class Saturday mornings 8:30-9.30am – sports recovery, pain relief, marathon preparation or training preparation drop in to our London Physio Centre.

So many people now own foam rollers or the more effective Grid foam rollers – we sell both – but so few people use them correctly, appropriately or on as much of the body as is possible. This is not best use of your time or a good enough return on the investment you made into the tools! The same is true for Trigger Point Performance tools and massage balls.

We have put together a new format for our TPT and Foam Rolling Class which began last Saturday and will continue weekly 8:30am until 9:30am.

These trigger point therapy, foam rolling, myofascial compression and release techniques provide a highly effective method for recovery after running, cycling, swimming and all sports and physical pursuits – from surfing to football, netball to Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Using foam rollers, massage balls, more precise tools like the TP quadballer or a cheap and popular lacrosse ball are also effective as a means of preparation before training, competitive play or event participation.

Class covers techniques to relief pain, tension and increase performance of the muscles and fascia around the foot and lower leg, the thighs and hamstrings, hips and pelvis (hamstrings) the lower back and thoracic spine, the chest and lats (perfect for overhead lifting), and around the head and neck (relief from headache and tension from work and computer/gaming use).

you’ll be taught the techniques by either Dan, Jonathan or Lucy and they will also show you how best to integrate it into your training routine and working week, make progressions and use your breathing to overcome the discomfort and get the best results.




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