Q&A Fun Run at Balance…time to make running simple

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 Q&A Fun Run at Balance – It’s time to make running simple !!

Word from Nadine Horn – Balance’s running technique coach and adventure expert!

“Running: most of us can do it (even if its just running for the bus) & many of us love it. We put our running shoes on, close the door behind us and are happy and proud of ourselves at the same time. Why? Because we have accomplished something:

  •  we have conquered our inner coach potatoe and held on to our committments – the committment to become fitter, healthier and bring balance into our stressful life & chattering mind. It’s ‘me’ time. You, your beating heart and the vastness of nature (especially during those happy – hormone releasing summer days)

But then it happens: you run along, diving into the fantasy of what it’s going to feel like completing your first 5Km or how you will look like in 3-weeks time when you have followed your trainings plan – until you feel a niggle in your left knee or a burning sensation in your shin! You wonder what it means. Is it good, is it bad – and you ask yourself a question.  How am I meant to run? And guess what, barely anyone knows. When you hit the above point, two things are going to happen. Either:

1)      You push through it, or

2)      You stop

Yes, the media tells us ‘pushing’ is good or how do they say it – no pain, no gain – but guess what, it’s not about pushing it’s about understanding the signs of your body. It’s giving you hints that in order to keep going or to become stronger you may need to make some adjustments, re-tune your approach. The same with scenario two – you may have been fine but because you don’t know how much is good or bad, you stop and hope that things get better by themselves.

How about if you know how to run and what to do? Would this help? – would it make it easier if you could better understand the signs from your body, could establish a foundation that makes you stronger and prevent avoidable injuries from happening? Yes, of course.

Would it help to stop and re-start your training program having put in some work that relates to your feet – the foundation –  and make your overall running more efficient? Yes, of course.

Well – I recommend you join me at Balance for a Q&A Fun Run on Monday July 21st 7-8pm, or if you cant make that July 28th instead.

During our first 15 min we will go through all your questions, then I will take you out for a run. I will focus on one or two elements that are going to help you improve your running & gain more understanding about running in general.”

Nadine differs from other coaches:

Her knowledge comes from experience, having run 260Km across Austria (during the 3 country ultra triathlon she set for herself), and discovering  what can go wrong, she has also been mentored by great experts such as Lee Saxby who studied how children run and how  humans have evolved to move. Nadine will help you discover your own path and results,  instead of telling you another confusing story on the “right way” to run and what shoes to wear – the goal is to keep it simple, less is more and if you know what to do, you can work better with your body and embark on a great and rewarding journey.

If you have any questions – feel free to send her an email  nadine@nadinehorn.com, or follow Nadine on Twitter @Adventure_Nads

To book a place on one of the one hour Q&A fun runs next week or the week after call 02076272308. we are on Gauden Road, Clapham SW4 6LE. a short journey from Victoria, London Bridge and Clapham Junction stations, or a walk/cycle from Stockwell, Wandsworth, Battersea, Brixton or Balham.









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