Race Across America and tips for recovery and maintaining mobility during an ultra endurance, multiple day event


Balance welcomed Rachelle Healy into our facility yesterday (May 28th 2014). Her mission was to gather tips and tools to help her support the Spinhaler cycling teamSpinhalers cycling team of riders taking part in the Race Across America.

“Race Across America (RAAM) is known as one the most respected and oldest endurance sports events in the world. It is held aloft as the pinnacle of athletic achievement not only amongst the cycling fraternity but in the wider sporting community too.”

Jonathan took her through some moves and techniques to maintain her cyclists mobility, flexibility and extensibility over the course of the event and also anticipate additional aches and pains that may arise. She faces numerous challenges – as do the riders of course!!! – this event is not just cycling the 3000 miles from California to Maryland over all the mountains and planes in between but keeping the team moving 24/7 until the journey is complete. The 4 man team cycle in pairs – working as a tag team for 7 hour stints on the road. There are short change overs to contend, short rest periods in the confines of a Dodge SUV and then 7 hours to recover – as the other pair get on their bikes – with sleep, eating, drinking, movement, massage and consoling one another largely within an RV.

What Jonathan and Rachelle covered:

Pre cycle preparations – checking in with the body after a short sleep, waking up the hip, pelvis and spine.
Rest and recovery in between bouts of cycling – Back Seat Mobility: how to lengthen shortened and fatigued cycling muscles in the back of a car. How to mobilise and ease hip and pelvis and spine when the riders mind is suggesting curling up and having a cat nap.
Post cycle shift movement and recovery – how to quickly and efficiently open up a body that’s shutting down after 7 hours hard labour – soothe aching muscles before getting on with the essential practice of eating, drinking and sleeping.

So a good time was had – Jonathan and Rachelle will meet up again before the team leave for the USA, refine some Grid foam roller and Trigger Point massage ball techniques for myofascial compression and soft tissue release work. Although Rachelle thanked Jonathan for providing

“knowledge bombs on mobility, massage and stretching for our riders…”

its plain that the Spinhalers are in excellent and caring hands. Its also an excellent cause these four guys are riding for – Asthma UK –Donate to Asthma UK click the link to make a donation.

To address your needs for recovery, resilience and achieve endurance longevity contact the recovery, movement, strength and conditioning team via Jonathan on 02076272308.

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