Strength in sport: Fundamental lifts vs sport specific

luke-snyder--71c2ccca57d2f487Words from Balance Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach Sabina Skala:

Funny that just after a chat with my friend Paul Garvie aka “The Powerhouse” about how the best results in the training comes from the fundamental movements this old article flashed on my screen. Jim Wendler is one of the great strength and conditioning coaches in the industry, love his no nonsence apporach and yeah unlike a lot of trainers who are more interested in becoming celebrities – Jim Wendler’s coaching actually makes sense.

Here’s a piece from the article which summarises Jim Wendler’s approach:

“I’m here to tell you that regardless of the sport being performed on the field, not much really changes. This obviously goes against the “sport specific training specialists” who are trying to convince you that each athlete and sport is a special snowflake. Let’s examine the facts.

All sports require that an athlete have strong hips, legs, shoulders, arms, and midsection. The best way to develop these areas is with a basic and effective barbell-training workout. There are no “sport specific” exercises as weight training for sports is nothing more than General Physical Preparedness (GPP).”

Full article here at T-Nation

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