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“I think Kenyans are very much in tune with their bodies, they’re in tune with movement, in tune with the ground.

Some of them become very very sensitive and know the limits of their body, they know it instinctively.” Brother Colm O’Connell – running coach.

At Balance we’ve long been encouraging clients to place their attention on good movement, to invest time improving body awareness. This message has often fallen on deaf ears – those who feel they are already “good performers” often believe that pain free and back to full training means the task is complete and effective performance is secure. Equally those who have no desire to “perform”, who have over time become completely UNaware of themselves can’t see the importance of competent and mindful movement to their “simple” goal of health and injury recovery. We persevere.

However it does appear that the message is slowly becoming more mainstream, resilience is a term more widely used and applied in a variety of context.

Video intros like the one above are great but there is a subtle suggestion that awareness and “feel” are a genetic “gift”. We don’t believe that’s true.

Its not about changing the way you move its about knowing how YOU move. THEN you will know the limits and capabilities you have, on any given day.

To be continued…

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