Mark Sisson: the Primal Blueprint, on movement and standing desks

An excellent podcast from Dave Asprey interviewing Mark Sisson author of the Primal Blueprint. Mark talks extensively on the concepts behind his book, The Primal Blueprint, ancient bacteria colonies, epigenetics, lectins – beans or no beans! – and other Paleo diet related topics.

When it came to his top recommendations for a healthier and happier life he sited sleep as his number 1 and having a solid well ingrained movement habit – outside of exercise – which is a large part of our concept here at Balance Performance. One of his key ways to keep moving through the day is to use a standing desk and avoid sitting. Many of his team, as well as the standing desk also have treadmills to use whilst typing and answering calls. Whilst we don’t currently have a supply – or a demand – for treadmill desks we do have a selection of standing desks here at Balance for you to try, from Human Scale and Back in Action. Whether for home or office they come in a range of widths, mechanical or electric driven and we can offer a great deal, installation and excellent advice on all other aspects of working and movement habits.

To come in to Balance and try out the desks or talk about any work/home office set up issues call 02076272308 and speak with Lucy Goldby. Check our work place, home office and study page for a little more information.

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