Self care, family health: myofascial health an easy start

Empowering people to take care of themselves & their families is central to Balance’s approach and philosophy.

Massage is simple, & myofascial health is an essential part of your own/families health. Self massage or rubbing other family members aching tense muscles is a wonderful thing tondo on so many levels and a skill that will develop with patient practice.

We teach a lot of trigger point therapy techniques every day, 6 days a week at our centre in Clapham, South London. In addition we will often teach partners, friends and family members how to give effective soft tissue therapeutic massage to our clients – it’s what you do away from the physiotherapist and osteopath that counts most.

If you are doing massage at home it’s essential that you use a good lotion to reduce friction – massage oils and home furnishings often don’t mix well!

We recommend two products in particular:

For massage into muscles Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub is excellent – it delivers warmth without an overpowering smell.

For working on scars, blister healing, callus care, protection from cold windy weather (from gardening to climbing, hill walking to school runs) we highly recommend Climb On!:

The Climb On! Lip lube even helps relieve insect bites due to the peppermint in it.

Natural ingredients, limiting processed foods and use of chemicals is essential for good health and we encourage this attitude at Balance. As the guys at Climb On! say “If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin!”

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