Creating a pain free work place

We’ve seen over a decades worth of clients suffering work related pain and tension – backs, necks, shoulders and wrists, hips and knees.

The majority of our London clients work in office environments and we’ve observed poor movement habits and work style in near all of them.

Now we’re stepping up our involvement in creating more comfortable places to work. Balance has dedicated space to represent city and west end work environments so we can work with you in the context of the place you spend a huge amount of your waking week. Its equally relevant to home workers or families with children studying at home.

We observe existing setup and guide clients on adjustments to it as well as changing seating, desks or adding innovative accessories. Even with the very best furniture and equipment you need adequate awareness movement skills.

We work with several suppliers of office/home equipment, furniture and accessories such as Human Scale to offer clients a wide and well designed range to provide products created in accordance with how people actually work.

If you are an existing client of Balance’s ask your coach or therapist to show you the ergonomics studio. If you’re new to Balance call 02076272308, you can either speak to Lucy Goldby (back pain and ergonomic specialist physiotherapist) to discuss how we can intervene to reduce pain and encourage “effortless ergonomic use”. Alternatively book straight into Lucy’s diary for an ergonomic or back pain assessment.

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