FireFly technology injury recovery trial at Balance Performance

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FireFly trial at balance performance. Want to be involved?

This isn’t a scientific study – we know this technology works – we want to see how it works within the Balance set-up, with the kind of clients that Balance sees*** , on lower leg injury recovery.

Call and book in with Graham, Claire or Fran who will guide you on the best use of FireFly and if its suitable for you. Call 02076272308 or use our contact form.

What kind of injuries do we anticipate it will enhance healing for?

We’ll start with the obvious:

  • lateral and medial ankle sprains
  • post foot and ankle surgery
  • those who have just come out of Aircast boots or plaster
  • Achilles tendenosis
  • calf injuries

What does FireFly do exactly?

Small electrical impulses (powered by onpulse™ technology) gently activate the muscle pumps of the lower leg, emulating the blood flow normally achieved by walking (up to 70%).

  • Increases blood circulation to remove  metabolic waste
  • Scientifically proven to reduce DOMS within 24 hours
  • For the prevention and treatment of oedema
  • Increases blood flow to healing structures

“The OnPulse™ technology embedded into a new neuromuscular electro-stimulation device – firefly™ – provides a novel strategy as part of a recovery protocol adopted by high performance athletes.” Dr Scott Drawer (Head of Research & Innovations at UK Sport).

We’re hoping after the trial that we will also stock and sell FireFly™ as a retail product for its benefits to those:

  • recovering after competition or between heats or bouts at tournaments
  • seeking faster recovery and/or training adaptations after long training runs or cycles.
  • seeking faster recovery between sessions at training camps
  • seeking faster recovery and/or training adaptations after a single training
  • Pre competition after flights

When we do you’ll find it in our Recovery and Rehab “collection”

“Athletes can be confident of increased blood flow and accelerated metabolic waste removal immediately after a high exertion training session or race when using the firefly™ device.” Nick Grantham, Performance Enhancement Specialist

Currently the list of users in the UK is an impressive one. Top athletes from the worlds of triathlon, boxing, pentathlon, rugby league, rugby union, hockey, fencing, powerlifting and strongman. Athletes from the fitness world, adventure racing and CrossFit and CrossFit Games.

Organisations with team protocols include: UK Sport, British Basketball, Sale Sharks, Scottish Rugby, Widnes Vikings, London Irish, British Handball,  and many Premiership Football teams.


*** The clients we see: Balance Performance works with a wide range of clients but the majority have active lifestyles – or aspire to be more active. Whether your activity is based around sport and outdoor pursuits, or is health and fitness focussed matters less. Its highly likely that you are attempting to balance your active lifestyle against a predominantly sedentary working week (barely 10% of men and women work in the UK work in a job considered “active”).

That is a serious challenge that Balance is entirely equipped to help and guide you through. Equipped both as a facility and as a team of health professionals.

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