Skin repair, wound healing, scar softening, callus and blister care

We are only as good as our weakest link. If your fingers, thumbs or hands are cracked and/or sore whatever you are doing in the great outdoors, or indoors, becomes a lot less enjoyable.

Climb on! Intensive skin care (lotion bar, creme and lip balm) was designed with a climber’s hands in mind. But it’s suitable for everyone who has skin!

Skin healing, recovery and prevention of blisters, cracking or calluses is as relevant to a gardeners hands as it is a marathoners feet. As soothing to a babies facial eczema as it is to soften and soothe a post op scar following a knee replacement.

Our skin is incredibly important to us for its immune function, the way it regulates our temperature and the sensory information it provides. Consequently it deserves loving care to continue good function.

When I used to pick up a cracked thumb – an open split down the side alongside the nail – during the autumn and winter months it was not only painful with every little catch or the smallest pressure, but it added unnecessary discomfort to working or playing outside and it also affected my physical training – floor work, swinging Kettlebells, stick fighting etc.

Since using Climb On! I’ve had no cracked fingers or thumbs. I use the 1/2 oz lotion bar throughout the year – blister prevention for my left foot on long runs – my running skills are a work in progress – and before I go outdoors I put it on finger and thumb tips – during the cold months. Also works well to soften up calluses once I’ve taken a layer off.


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