MOVEMENT: The real reason for brains

We’ve highlighted Daniel Wolpert and his explanation of the brains existence, and so it’s reliance, on movement before. Watch his excellent TED talk above.

Good to have academics adding weight to the solid reasoning behind Balance’s drive to see our clients improve their movement habits.

Thanks to our friends at Earth Strength for reminding us about this lecture.

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  • This is very true, good to see the physiotherapists in the UK are on the same page as us Australians. Our brain has a major influence, and there are some good physiotherapists like Morissey’s bunch and the Butler ect.. bunch of researchers in Australia who have really helped to progress the research, in terms of pain. But with pain as input, and motor output affected as a result, as a result of the brains interpretations. As such we need to address their altered motor output’s to subsequent reverse the process, aka change the brain’s signature, rewire the brain, and thus remove the patients pain suffering. The day’s where we all believed the pain was purely as a result of the physiological tissue damage are well gone. Well initially yes part of it is, and that we also need to address, but so much more we do need address. And its good to see the UK is aware of this too.

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