New Trigger Point Performance Therapy tool: Mini-Grid foam roller

Been interesting to get feedback from people who have used the mini Grid over last few days and hear other people ask questions (a few suspicions and corporate conspiracy theories).

Apart from it simply being a scaled down version (approx 1/3 of regular Gird) of what we know to be an effective tool for soft tissue health and recovery it provides a few additional opportunities worth exploring:

– using it in lower back region you can angle it inwardly to more effectively target the QL area – the strong muscles wide of the spine spanning between rib cage and pelvis. [This was the experience of a client of ours who is well versed using both the Grid and TP massage balls to keep on top of her lower back and pelvic vulnerabilities.]

– using it on the middle and upper back it can be more easily angled to work using rotational and side flexing movements

– you can apply the same principle of reangling to the lats and triceps

Obviously it’s small so for those who have inadequate co-ordination it would be best to work with the original grid foam roller first. For those that are larger than average they already prefer the Grid 2.0 (twice the grid).

As always don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Try it for yourself – if you are in London we welcome people to try before they buy, that applies anything we sell (except the sports nutrition!).

Trevor Speller also runs a free foam roller class every Saturday morning 830am at Balance (SW4 6LE). So try it out at the class – all foam rollers welcome – rumble rollers, squishy blue ones etc.

Call 02076272308 if you’re not sure where we are.


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