BMX Kurt Yaeger rehab journey and Rudimental music video

An awesome video from Rudimental “Waiting All Night” portrays the true story of a resilient, persistent and determined character:

In 2006 BMX rider Kurt Yaeger was severely injured by a swerving car exiting a freeway. The injuries resulted in a below knee amputation and over 30 operations in 4 months.

He suffered fractured ribs, spinal fractures, torn ACL and MCL ligaments in his remaining intact leg.

“It took going through a really dark place to come to the point where I realised it was time to stand up and get better.”

At Balance Performance we meet individuals who have suffered serious trauma and guide them through the relentless work needed to get them back to a satisfying and fulfilling life. Our aim is not to set limits but create opportunities to come back stronger than before. Kurt put this across plainly in his interview on the RedBull website:

there’s so much negativity, and there needs to be more people saying “To hell with what people say you can and can’t do. Just try it; if you fail, who cares? Just figure it out.” Plenty of people will knock you down, because they couldn’t do it and they want you to stay on their level.

Click here for more of the Red Bull interview


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