Extreme Action Movement

If you enjoy the exploration of movement as much as we do at Balance you’ll love Extreme Action Movement! I’ve been enjoying the work of Elizabeth Streb – extreme action choreographer – and reading her thoughts on movement for the last couple of years. If you can get a hold of her book I’d highly recommend it: “how to become an extreme action hero”. In the meantime this video will give a small insight into what shes about. “Eviscerating action” and asking her performers to explore the raw effects of gravity, and their fear of it.

At Balance Performance we start at a more achievable – yet challenging – accessible level and encourage a habit of movement that is essential for those wishing to be more resilient. If you feel you really have what it takes to become an “Extreme Action Hero” we are equipped to work at that too but for most of our clients moving with fluidity and without pain whilst doing the sports and activities they enjoy is reward enough for their movement habit.

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