Our Tennis physiotherapist at the Australian Open, Melbourne 2013

Andy Murray isnt the only Scotsman working his profession in Melbourne at the Australian Open. Graham Anderson, Balance’s co-founder and one of the worlds most experienced sports injury physiotherapists, is there too working in his role as an ATP World Tour physios. Graham has headed up the therapy services (physiotherapy, sports massage, podiatry) at Wimbledon’s Tennis Grand Slam and the Queens Club Championships for many years and has been travelling on the mens professional tennis tour for several seasons now.

Graham wrote this from the Australian Open during the occasional quiet moments of otherwise long, hot and demanding days . He is working there with the ATP as one of the 4 tournament physiotherapists…..
Courtside at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

“Strewth mate! Its hot and it’s a pressure caudron……it must be the Australian open in Melbourne”.

As lead physiotherapist to The Championships at Wimbledon it’s great to see another Tennis Grand Slam and see how they organise the smooth running of such a large event in such different conditions.

No grass, likely-hood of no rain, different night matches scheduling, and different pressures. But especially temperature differences!
Its taken a few days but a factor that makes the Australian Open the tough grand slam that it is finally arrived last Thursday: the blazing sun and heat. The temperature on Thursday at Melbourne Park peaked at 41 degrees C and understandably a lot of players were feeling pretty hot and bothered.

Standing at the side of the court was hot enough for me – if I wasn’t worried about keeling over myself Id take my hat off to the players for playing 5 frenzied sets in these roasting conditions

Some players were cramping others needed medical treatment following their match. Tennis can certainly be a brutal sport at times.  I had to go on court several times for cramping players. Melbourne can get really hot as it did on Thursday but it does not have the humidity of some of the other tournaments – it is the sweaty conditions that really tests the players. For example, New York can be really tough if the day turns warm and sweaty. Advising players to keep hydrated properly and to eat properly goes with all the stretching, taping and match prep and recovery we perform as the ATP physiotherapists. The team help to assist all the players to peak when ready to play on to the court.

“It’s very different from working in the Balance Performance clinic or an NHS setting, because with athletes every slight bump becomes extremely important, particularly during a big event like the Aussie Open, where there is huge pressure to perform well.”

Graham will be back working with the good people of Clapham, Brixton, Wandsworth and Stockwell  in his sports injury treatment and rehab role at the end of January 2013. Meantime – look out for him on during the TV coverage running onto and between courts with his green physio bag on his back.

Any Tennis related injuries (or any other sports or activity for that matter)… he’s your man! 020 76272308 or use the contact page to send an enquiry: CONTACT US WITH AN ENQUIRY

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