Runners Resilience Offer with Trigger Point Self Massage Kit

This month in the Balance shop we have created an offer to add even more value to the total self massage package that TP Performance Therapy call the Ultimate 6 Kit.


The Ultimate 6 Kit is the ultimate set of tools to help massage and maintain your healthy, active body. Endurance athletes are particularly drawn to Trigger Point Therapy – ultra endurance athletes (enthusiasts!) even more so – but TPT is for the sedentary or moderately active office worker as it is for the sports person.

The package includes the TP Massage Ball, TP Footballer and Block, and TP Quadballer. In addition to the myofascial release tools comprehensive education is included with the Ultimate 6 Guidebook and an Ultimate 6 DVD.

With the products patented design mirroring the feeling of a human hand, you are able to massage almost any part of the body safely and effectively on your own.

The Ultimate 6 Package is recommended to anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle or is in need of the benefits of a massage on a daily basis. As we all know it’s not difficult getting a massage it’s difficult getting to the massage.

Balance highly recommends these products and the education materials on offer both in the DVD and books and on their main website. Effectiveness is in the positioning and breathing!

The extra TP Ball and TP2 Ball sleeve which joins two TP massage balls together creates a peanut shape to help you target either side of the spine simultaneously – upper, middle and lower back. It also changes the experience of myofascial fitness work to other ares such as the quads, and pecs. 

Balance Performance was the UKs first set of professionals to bring TPT to the public, not just as a line item but as lifestyle changing, habit forming tools that reduce tension and elevate performance. We continue to educate both in our Clapham shop to try before you buy and in our physiotherapy / PT facility in free classes and workshops for professionals. Call 02076272308 for details on classes and one to one TPT sessions with one of our soft tissue/ sports massage team or use the contact form here…..CONTACT FORM.

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