Movement: flow, timing, creativity, control. It’s what we teach.


We passionately believe at Balance Performance, and have observed in our Clapham facility since 2001, that what London’s adults need most – whether as part of the city workforce or it’s sporting and running communities – is greater movement awareness, fluidity and control.

As this develops the strength and fitness achieved with our sports specific training; running, cycling and swimming endurance programmes; kettlebell, olympic and power lifting; bodyweight conditioning etc. can be expressed/used rather than locked inside, untapped, or wasted through inefficient movement.

The photo was taken at Ernest Bevan school during a visit to work with Winston Gordon (3 time judo Olympian). Written on a board were 4 words: flow, timing, creativity and control.

They encapsulate so much of what the movement, strength and conditioning team at Balance Performance teach and encourage their clients to achieve. But the photographer, Stefan just happened to take the image without request. Perhaps it captured Stefan’s interest as a Tai Chi practitioner of many many years. Flow, timing, creativity and control are not new and exclusive at Balance Performance, many dance and martial artists, yoga and Pilates practitioners, and athletes of every code are guided by these words. But the majority see them as too soft and overlook them in the rush to get fit, play sport, live life! Ironically, working on these “soft” skills takes immense patience and practice, will hasten and sustain “getting fit”, will improve “sports performance” and only add to the lives we “Live!”.

To explore movement with Jason Progl and I (Jonathan Lewis) contact Balance Performance on 02076272308, leave a message and we will call you back. Our intention is the same: teach movement that flows, is controlled, creative and well timed, that gives health and a sense of well being. How we emphasise movement differs based on our influences which vary: contemporary dance, pencak Silat, Brazilian jiu jitsu, capoeira, gynastica natural, circus performance training, and the mobility and agility drills of many different sports, strength and conditioning coaches. We don’t mimic, that would be a mistake, we observe, extract, adapt and simplify the best of human movement and use it for our own and our clients benefit.

You can email us via the MAIN BALANCE WEBSITE – tap/click the “email” button on the top right of the homepage, or use the BOOKING AND ENQUIRY FORM.


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  • Glen Abbey Physiotherapy October 24, 2012  

    Great post, I love that phrase. Movement is so important, but so often we take it for granted.

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