Balance Team at the Olympics!

The Poly-Clinic at the Olympic Village

We are very proud to have three members of the Balance team working at the Olympics. They will be working hard to ensure
that the Olympic and Paralympic athletes are  in top form.

Our Clinical Director Graham Anderson will be working in the poly-clinic in the Olympic Village. It will be Graham’s fourth Olympic Games, which is a massive achievement. He will be lending his very experienced hands to treat top athletes from all countries and disciplines. His language skills are coming in handy as he is spending most of the day speaking Spanish!

Kellie Roberts is employed as an Olympic Massage Therapist. She has been working hard since the pre-Olympics week and has been very busy since. Kellie’s reputation precedes her as she is already well known to many of Team GB having worked with GB Judo for several years now and has been offering a world class massage to world class athletes.

Graham has spent much of the days and weeks prior to the games helping set up the impressive poly-clinic. This is descibed as the best poly-clinic in the last five games by the Japanese team. Its a state-of-the-art poly-clinic that will treat up to 600 athletes a day positioned in the Olympic Village – just a short walk form the athletes accommodation. It is open 24 hours a day for emergencies.

Injuries such as strains and sprains, minor illness such as the common cold and superficial trauma such as wounds and grazes are the most common cases expected at the clinic. Core services, include: physiotherapy, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, and an in-house pharmacy. Services will be delivered by ten LOCOG staff, 500 professional volunteers and 80 on-call specialists. The equipment in the clinic is among some of the most sophisticated available in the world, and includes two MRI scanners, and a wireless, digital x-ray system

Graham’s input in the clinic has been invaluable as he has been able to provide leadership and experience to the physiotherapy team, many of whom are at their first Olympic games. Days have started early with a trip from Clapham or home to arrive to start work at 6.30am. Yes the swimmers and occasionally a few others get up that early for treatment! Track and field athletes generally live the other end of the day – so expect our work to get busier.

Martina Kehoe has volunteered her experienced skills to provide physiotherapy cover to any member of the spectators who may require physiotherapy or first aid.

We wish Graham, Martina and Kellie all the best in the coming weeks as they work hard to ensure that the athletes and spectators alike are ready for the games!

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