Hand care for climbers, kettlebell lifters, rowers, gardeners etc

Intensive skin care from Climb On!

Balance Performance has been involved in kettlebell lifting for fitness, rehab and performance since 2003. Since that time hand care has been a consistent topic of conversation amongst KB practitioners on the kettlebell oriented blogs and forums like RKC Dragon Door whilst at  kettlebell workshops students display their worn and torn calluses off with pride.

Although good technique, monitoring training volume and observing the status of your hands are the first line of defence in prevention of callus tears it is inevitable that kettlebell lifting will result in skin hardening and callus formation. This needs to be managed and the skin kept soft and supple (this doesn’t mean it’s not tough!): resilient hands equates to more reps in the kettlebell snatch or metres on the river for rowers.

Brett Jones recommended corn huskers to us back in 2004 but it wasn’t available in the UK so when we noticed at Climb On! “100% Pure Chemical free Intensive Skin Repair” at our local bouldering centre – Arch Climbing Centre  (London Bridge) http://archclimbingwall.com we had to try it out for the sake of our clients, in particular our kettlebell lifters and CrossFitters.  We weren’t  disappointed and so we’ve added Climb On! into our Recovery and Rehab range of products.

Climb On! was designed with climbers and boulderers hands specifically in mind but anyone who uses their hands, or feet, in fast paced or repetitive gripping activities eg.stick fighting – escrima, Kali, arnis, doce pares- rowing, for high volume lifting – kettlebell sport or CrossFit, or working them in harsh environments – gardeners, tree surgeons, military, manual labourers etc will benefit from The Climb On! range of products. Today in fact we had both a surfer buying a lotion bar for his feet ahead of his Bali surf trip and a windsurfer  getting some to assist healing of the skin on his over active hands following windsurfing in Force 7 winds in Greece.

I’ve also discovered from personal experience the usefulness of Climb On! in treating mosquito bites and calming the itchiness. Since that discovery I noticed that the lip lube has additional benefits in dealing with bites due to the peppermint oil in it.

If you are in London come to our facility – we are refurbishing at moment but we are still open – and try a sample. If not use our online shop……CLICK HERE

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