What is Kinesiology Tape?

Increasingly athletes are being seen with bright coloured tape on their bodies, this is kinesiology tape. It is a light elastic tape that can be used for helping with musculoskeletal problems which can arise from overuse injuries, muscle strains or spasms, and swelling. Properties that make the tape appealing to athletes is its elasticity in that it moves with the body, so athletes feel very comfortable with it on.

Kinesiology tape is not a new concept and therapists have been using it for several years however its benefits to sports people are only now being fully appreciated. A big step has been the ability for athletes to buy the tape and apply it themselves; this is where kinesiology tape comes into its own. Unless you are fortunate enough to be a professional athlete it’s unlikely you have access to a sports physio 24/7, so the tape allows you to take control and manage the problem yourself.

The elastic nature of the tape allows it to be applied over and around muscles, ligaments and tendons in order to provide lightweight and comfortable support in order to prevent injury and speed recovery or healing.  It can provide mechanical support for joints such as the knee or the ankle and alleviate stress on connective tissue, it can also provide feedback to the nervous system to facilitate or inhibit muscle function.

As a therapist I have seen the benefits of using the tape for several years however I am now delighted to see the tape more widely available as its true power lies in its ability to empower the athlete to take control of their problem and continue to perform.

KT Tape have launched a new Synthetic Kinesiology tape that we have been using for the last few weeks. The feedback from our physios and clients has been over overwhelmingly positive. This quote from one of our clients says it all:

“This tape is a billion times better. Still got the same tape on that you applied. Shower with it, sleep with it and any type of clothing rubbing on it, lifting or any of it coming loose!! Its amazing!! 

Both Physios and clients alike have found that the tape is easy to apply it sticks really well and it supports the body better. While it is a little more expensive than ordinary KT Tape the early results show its worth it.

If you want to buy the tape but are unsure of how to apply it call us on 020 7627 2308 and ask to speak to Scott who will be happy to apply the tape for you and show you how to use it.


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