Intention and emphasis in physical training

If your intention is to gain usable strength, power, speed then you need to emphasise exercises, drills, movements that involve purposeful (compound, multi-joint, functional) actions performed against appropriate levels of resistance to promote strength, power, develop speed. Simple. Equally simple is that the only real requirement from the facility/space you train in is that is conveniently located and provides the tools you need.

We recommend using your own bodyweight, crosscore180 (to emphasise rotational movement), kettlebells, sandbags and any other tool that demands mindful, purposeful, DYNAMIC movement against adequate resistance. Where you do it is irrelevant. This under armour promo video uses a space that appears to have a fantastic atmosphere, a no nonsense location. There’s still alot of junk in this yard but amongst the junk there is all that is required. It is true that you could achieve the same in less space, with less kit, and without the rust but the video is worth a look…..

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  • Love the video! However, you’re right.. I don’t think I have any of those things laying around my back yard… Good thing my gym does 😉

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