Trigger Point Performance Therapy endorsement from Dr Emily Splichal – podiatrist

Always a pleasure to meet up with Cassidy Phillips and talk TPT, movement preparation, in-session use of TPT to enhance physical training performance, and recovery/regeneration: An hour spent over a coffee with Cassidy is incredibly educational. Was great to hear about the ongoing development of Trigger Point Performance programming and how the concept continues to evolve as he explores the impact of Myofascial Compression Techniques on movement efficiency. Excellent to hear how he is drawing on the work of Gil Hedley and Thomas Myers, and enjoyed putting my own experiences/observations in teaching movement, resilience and how to adopt habits for soft tissue health in to the mix. Having the opportunity to spend time with people like Cassidy is essential for professional development but its also reassuring when you realise your own ideas are converging with forward thinking individuals like Cassidy.

Cassidy mentioned a podiatrist called Dr. Emily Splichal who he has worked with recently who now features Trigger Point Performance techniques within her Barefoot Training Specialist courses. Here’s some words from her after they worked together at IDEA Personal Trainer Insitute.

“I had a great experience at this past weekend’s IDEA Personal Trainer Institute. This was the first time that Cassidy and I introduced our new Foot & Lower Leg course to the Fitness Industry – and the reception was awesome! To have the balance between a strong myofascial technique and the science behind foot and anke dysfunction was like no other class out there.

As a health professional, MCT has completely changed my approach to patient care and corrective exercise technqiue to improve foot function, lower extremity alignment and movement dysfunction. I have conducted research on MCT and have seen improved weight distribution patterns, ankle mobility and power output immediately after performing MCT.

Because of the effectiveness of MCT I have integrated this technqiue into my barefoot training programming and Barefoot Training Specialist® courses on behalf of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy. MCT is just the first step in building true foot strength and optimal foot function. Through my Barefoot Training Specialist® courses I have developed the only barefoot training programs to address the unique imbalances of the many foot types.
To find an upcoming Barefoot Training Specialist® course please visit

-Dr. Emily Splichal

You can follow Emily on Twitter @EBFAFitness. Looking forward to seeing Cassidy again at FIBO where i will be, briefly, with CrossCore USA

Of course at Balance Performance we have a team of forward thinking professionals who share the desire that clients should aspire more for themselves, to gain knowledge and know how to use their own body and simple tools to take care of themselves and develop sustainable resilience. Trigger Point Performance Therapy is a great example of a set of tools we endeavour to teach our clients to use effectively. Tools without proper education limit their effectiveness dramatically.

If you are not aware of Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools see the range at our facility in South London or online by clicking here: Balance Performance Specialist Retail Shop

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