CrossCore180 goes so far beyond suspension training

CrossCore180 goes so far beyond suspension training, CrossCore is about movement, fluid rotational movement. TRX, Jungle Gym, AST and other strap systems are excellent at providing instability through suspension, CrossCore180 provides movement, rotation through a full range, and the ability to transform it into a functional training resistance machine not dissimilar from a cable machine.

Balance is involved with CrossCore 180/ WarMachine both for the benefit of our clients at Balance Clapham and in Fulham and also with a view to introducing as many people as possible in the UK and Ireland to the possibilities of  Rotational Bodyweight Training and rotational resistance training.

The versatility of Crosscore 180 in exercise selection for bodyweight drills and also for added resistance from bands, kettlebells and sandbags is truly impressive.  For a glimpse at the possibilities take a look at this video from Olimpus in Slovenia showing bodyweight on the regular handles, rings, partner drills, added weight from bands, kettlebells, flexibility drills.

This video is on the CrossCorePTS YouTube channel which sources CrossCore and rotational bodyweight training videos from the many CrossCore 180 and WarMachine owners around the world.

Warning: this video contains 14 mins of 80’s rock music, feel free to use the mute button.


A shorter video from CrossCore Europe’s friends and Netherlands distributors

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