Barefoot Running and Natural Movement workshop at Balance Performance Clapham

Running Engineer, Naeem Akram & Fitness Explorer, Darryl Edwards host barefoot running and natural MOVEment workshop at
Balance Performance.

WHEN: 7.00-9.00pm, Tuesday 20th March 2012.
WHERE: 113 Gauden Road, Clapham, London, SW4 6LE
TO BOOK: visit or contact Scott Morris on 020 7627 2308 /
Many people are drawn to running as it is cheap, accessible and because they have been led to believe by the ‘popular press’ that it’s fantastic for their health. The team at Balance Performance regularly see’s a large number of people running large weekly mileages that their poorly equipped bodies can’t cope with. Traditionally physiotherapists put them in supportive running shoes, with or without orthotics and prescribe strengthening exercises.
This works reasonably well but it’s not a long term solution as their movement skills remain absent and their attention to preventative measures is short lived.

Jonathan Lewis BSc ACSM Cert, MCSP, SRP, Co-Founder and Director of Strength & Conditioning at Balance Performance comments:

“At Balance Performance we’ve tried to instil the need for improved movement skills. This along with ongoing soft tissue work, using for example Trigger Point Therapy tools for self myofascial compression techniques, is a good starting point, but most just can’t accept the simple concept that moving with more fluidity will be less stressful on their bodies. We are now seeing that people who have more patience or have tried the traditional approach unsuccessfully are now looking at the ‘barefoot’ running lifestyle.”
The evening workshop will be run by Naeem Akram, a certified running coach for leading barefoot running brand Vivobarefoot, and Darryl Edwards, founder of Fitness Explorer and qualified Register of Exercise (REPS) Level 4 personal trainer who specialises in Movement Therapy.

Jonathan Lewis goes on to say:

“Working with Naeem and the Vivobarefoot organisation both UK and worldwide has been very useful to us and has opened up a whole new niche of
runners. What Naeem does exceptionally well is to have the conversation with runners of every persuasion in a language they understand, without insisting they get rid of the shoes. Naeem has very good observation skills, he understands movement (his engineering background helps), and the drills he teaches are not too wacky or dogmatic. He realises it’s about the movement skills not just pure running drills but at same time he makes the connection obvious for runners in a unique way. Naeems skills fit perfectly with our existing runners even if they aren’t interested in the barefoot aspects.”

The evening workshop will start at 7.00pm and look at all aspects of Barefoot Running and will cover the philosophy and practice of “natural MOVEment. There will be a heavy practical demonstration bias and for those who wish to participate as much physical interaction as possible.

For natural MOVEment we will be discussing Darryl Edwards’ PRIMALITY philosophy as an anagram which underlines this. Discussion topics during the workshop will include:

  • What is Natural Movement?
  • The 25 Components of Fitness
  • What is the matter with Tabata?
  • Function vs. Structure and Fitness Dualism.

Interactive demonstrations and audience participation will include:

  • Bipedal Motion,
  • Quadrupedal Motion,
  • Primal Play,
  • Social Based Fitness

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