Run Britain article by Dr Lucy Goldby on the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Dr Lucy Goldby has written a fantastic article on the Alter G treadmill (G-Trainer) that has appeared on Run Britain’s website. Run Britain is the largest online group for road running in the UK.

Balance has now had their Alter-G for over three years and firmly believe that a tool is only as good as the knowledge of those who use it. In the three years that Balance has had the Alter-G our team of therapists have accumulated hours of time using the G-trainer with clients from a huge range of disciplines, levels and with differing problems. From clients with hip replacements, club runners wanting to run faster to premiership footballers getting over a knock the Balance team have seen it all.

If you want to use the Alter-G at Balance and haven’t used it before you will automatically have a session with one of our expert therapists on how to use it to maximise your rehab and or performance to achieve your goals.

To read Lucy’s fantastic article please follow the link:

For more information on using the G-Trainer (commonly referred to as “Alter-G”) or to book a free session at Balance call 0207 627 2308

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