Alter-G reduced gravity treadmill: appealing to lightweights & heavyweights

Although Balance is an organisation that has been at the forefront of many innovations and concepts related to movement, rehabilitation, recovery and performance we arent exactly controversial! We are different to every other sports injury and spinal rehabilitation centre in London because we dedicate ourselves to sustainable solutions for our clients even when many clinics feel it doesn’t make good business sense to educate clients to a level that empowers them to take care of themselves. Perhaps they are right – we have invested in space to move rather than extra cash generating treatment rooms, we introduce innovative products to an unknowing public rather than sticking with “convention”, and we have dedicated time into refining and discussing and racking our brains to see how best to communicate our objective – which is for clients to expect more of themselves and develop a resilience of mind and body that will protect them over a lifetime. Despite all this, and our lack of tailored shirts, we havent fallen out with any of our fellow professionals.

After a controversial boxing weekend we are asking ourselves if Dereck Chisora’s use of the Alter-G at Balance helped provide some of the additional fitness required to go the distance with heavyweight World Champion Vitali Klitschko: click here for the BBC sports report.

Dereck Chisora using Balance's Alter-G shortly before leaving for hsi World Title Challenge to Vitali Klitschko

Dereck Chisora using Balance’s Alter-G shortly before leaving for his World Title Challenge to Vitali Klitschko in Munich

Balance Performance brought its high spec Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill to the UK the same week in 2008 as Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs. At that time only elite sports clubs and world class runners such as Paula Radcliffe owned or had access to the G-Trainer. Not much has changed in that time few sports injury clinics are prepared to invest in such technology despite the benefits to their clients – although now the NHS is dipping its toes into the world of anti-gravity. This is surprising as virtually every one of our clients who comes to our sports injury and orthopaedic clinic following low back, hip, knee or ankle surgery will have been advised by their surgeons to observe a period of “partial weight bearing”. Once our people and clients who come to us from other physiotherapy clinics in London experience the Alter-G partial weight bearing treadmill the benefits to their movement – and so recovery, confidence and well-being – are obvious.

Others who instantly recognise the benefits of the Alter-G are those who suffer periods of joint pain but wish to continue indulging their love of running despite arthritic changes in their low back, hips, knees, ankles.

Less obvious at first glance is the benefits to sports conditioning and running performance, weight loss, and our clients with neurological conditions such as parkinsons, MS, head injuries.

However since 2008 the list of people who have used Balance’s Alter-G is broad and diverse: from lightweight iron woman athletes looking to expand their training volume, ultra endurance adventurer Oli Dudley preparing for 7 back to back ultramarathons around the world, the awesome Parkour Team from Urban Free Flow (click here to see their video), US Olympian Shannon Rowbury (Bronze medalist at the World Championships 1500 meters race), countless professional footballers including players from Fulham FC, Millwall FC, Brentford FC, Ipswich Town, Brighton and Hove Albion FC, and regular appearances from professional rugby team Harlequins – London Broncos went on to get their own.

Away from sport our Alter-G demonstrated to those working in military rehabilitation the benefit to soldiers who have had amputations following traumas sustained in combat. This led to the first Alter-G in the UK Military going to Headley Court.

If you’d like to know how you could benefit from using the Alter-G whether because of a sporting injury, neurological condition, following lower limb or back surgery, after a hip or knee replacement, or because you have endurance goals or need greater power on the sports field: call Balance on 02076272308 and ask to speak with one of the Balance professional team.

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