London Golf Show – Trigger Point Therapy for golf performance

The London Golf Show runs from November 11th-13th at Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

Balance Performance is taking a stand and delivering education at the Golf Show. The focus is on recovery and performance for golfers using Trigger Point Performance Therapy self-massage tools: TPT products have changed the way Balance Performance operates due to the sustainable health and sports performance it offers our clients through self-care. The Performance Golf Kit focuses specifically on the needs of golfers for improved performance and addressing problem areas.

Here’s the message we’re sending out to golfers and coaches alike:

TRIGGER POINT PERFORMANCE THERAPY – Attention Professionals, Coaches and Players

Making its UK debut into the golf world, Trigger Point Therapy Tools were highlighted as one of the coolest, “must-have” items of 2011 at PGA Merchandise Show in 2011.

Golf Digest’s Ashley Mayo reported – “It’s not feasible to get a deep tissue massage after every round of golf, but Trigger Point massage balls and self-care devices makes it possible to thoroughly rub down even those hard-to-get-to muscles in your shoulders, back, legs and feet. And Trigger Point’s foam roller has a grid designed to make you feel as though hands and fingers are giving you a massage.”

“TRIGGER POINT PERFROMANCE THERAPY operates in the same fashion as the Golf Swing – From the ground up…After learning how TP Therapy can improve swing economy in other critical areas, such as shoulder mobility, pelvic rotation and thoracic mobility, it was a no-brainer to integrate it into each of my programs” Trevor Anderson, CSCS, CGFI. Head of Golf Performance – IMG Academies, Florida


Golf is a dynamic sport requiring optimal biomechanics to produce, reduce and stabilise force. The most efficient ball strikers have the same kinematic sequence of generating and transferring speed throughout their bodies, delivering energy from the lower body to the torso, to the lead arm and ultimately to the club head.

The most common swing flaws and golf related injuries are caused by physical limitations in one or more of the 8 areas of the body we have determined have the greatest influence on golf swing biomechanics. Tight or overactive muscles can disrupt the process, resulting in loss of distance and accuracy. TPT allows you to restore range of motion, lengthening tight muscles, allowing the body to produce a powerful, efficient and consistent swing.

The common postural distortion patterns we see are not created on the golf course, but rather during daily life. The way you stand and sit defines your ability to address the ball in a biomechanically sound position. Bad posture and lack of hydration create muscular adhesions and scar tissue, causing our bodies to ultimately lock up. In this state we can either choose to shorten the golf swing, compromise the golf swing or deal with pain and discomfort.

Let us show you how TRIGGER POINT THERAPY TOOLS can address the physical issues that affect your life and your game.

So if you’re in London on the weekend of Nov 11-13 be sure to come and visit our stand at The London Golf Show, try out Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools for yourself. Let your golfing friends or coach know about us too. If you’re going with a mind to test and try out golf clubs come to the stand and try out TPT and move easier before you go in search of a Callaway or Taylor Made.

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