Trigger Point Performance is not just for triathletes and runners

Much focus has been placed on the recovery needs of triathletes, cyclists and marathon/ultradistance athletes when it comes to TP therapy but the reality is that EVERYONE can benefit from increased confidence in their movement capabilities and an effective approach to recover and offset the stresses (physical, mental and emotional) we all experience. From sedentary office workers with upper limb tension problems and/or headaches to the very active professionals in the military, or dancers who are equally vulnerable to overuse issues.

Its important to acknowledge and understand history. The history behind Trigger Point Performance Therapy is that the creator of TPT tools, Cassidy Phillips, did so out of a need to combat his own pain and dysfunction and return to the activities that were most important to him. For Cassidy, although he had a background of BMX and other extreme sports, it was Iron Man Triathlon. Consequently much of the early focus was on the endurance athlete community.

Just as kettlebells and CrossCore 180 were not a fitness industry boardroom invention, TPT also has the integrity of being born out of a need for greater effectiveness not making a quick buck. The common denominator for these high quality tools is not simply a good product/tool/brand but also high quality and ever evolving education.

Balance Performance has since its beginnings in 2001 strived for our clients to understand that their best hopes lay in learning strategies that empower them to take care of themselves. We continue to work at improving the way we communicate this message of gaining a long term perspective and taking control of ones own rehab, recovery or performance. Having some exceptional tools at our disposal makes it easier than ever for our clients to introduce new habits of movement, recovery, strength and conditioning.

Balance holds 2 classes per week in Clapham using Trigger Point therapy tools, one focussed on the Ultimate 6 (areas of the body that are most influential on the way that we move) and the other focussed on the trunk and upper limbs. We will soon be adding 2 more Ultimate 6 classes, one in Fulham (FitRooms SW6) and another in our South London (Lambeth) facility.

Balance was the first facility to introduce such a recovery class to the UK but we’d like to see many more spring up around the UK so that those who recognise the value of TPT can maximise on their investment and understand more about the tools at their disposal. To do this needs Ultimate 6 education providers – and this is why Jonathan is providing regular U6 education workshops for coaches and trainers to be confident to teach and empower their clients and members of the public the powerful results one can achieve using Trigger Point Therapy.

The next workshop in London will be September 16th (Friday afternoon) and held in Fulham, London, SW6. Following this there will be dates in Scotland, the North East of England, and hopefully Brighton and Bournemouth.

for more information and to book on to the 4.5 hour workshop go to the Balance Performance shop site:

Trigger Point Therapy for recovery and performance

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