Trigger Point Performance UK workshop success.

Yesterday at Balance. Jonathan taught the second “Ultimate 6” 4.5 hour workshop in the UK for Trigger Point Performance.

After the success of Edinburgh a few weeks ago another small group of quality professionals learnt not just the highly effective techniques that provide maximum returns when using the TP tools (TP massage ball, TP footballer and TP quadballer) but the ethos of Cassidy Phillips company which is so closely aligned with that of Balance Performance. Empowering people to take care of their own health.

The group yesterday, who I hope will demonstrate their knowledge and pass their test to become certified by TPP to go on to the Ultimate 6 provider network, consisted of personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and Balance team soft tissue specialist and osteopathic undergraduate Trevor Speller.

There will be many workshops to come so keep a look out for dates on the facebook, twitter and news pages of balance. We are passionate and determined to see more professionals being able to teach individuals and classes in the community at large these simple often life-altering techniques.

For greater understanding of what Trigger Point Performance Therapy is about go to the main website of TP Therapy or contact jonathan @ and ask for the contact details of a provider near you in Scotland, Wales or England.

Unlock your body, release your strength!

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