Movement to aspire to

Balance Performance is all about providing sustainable solutions and empowering our London centre clients, website customers and workshop students to take care of themselves; and if they are coaches then we want them to take care of themselves AND pass on the knowledge to their clients.

Improving recovery following performance (physical training, competition, modern life in general), maximising regeneration (physical strengthening and adaptation), and increasing resilience to prevent injury and open the path for further development requires a greater awareness and perception of your body. Attention to movement with control, precision, accuracy and fluidity is essential to gaining this understanding.

We teach and encourage movement at every level, our strength and conditioning coaches put great emphasis on mobility and movement as well as strength, endurance and fitness. In the Balance team we also have 2 forward thinking and innovative movement coaches – Julien Diaz and Jason Progl – who structured what they have been doing for many years and created the Lissom technique:

Julien and Jason can work with you here in Clapham SW4 and in Fulham SW6 (FitRooms) as of mid-June 2011.

The video below is of a great mover called Ido Portal who we hope will be back in the UK from Israel teaching again soon – follow news on that workshop on the Simple Strength website as Rannoch Donald is organising it.

Now enjoy this, its beautiful!

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