versatility of the CrossCore180: WarMachine pulley suspension trainer

I risk going on a bit too much about the WarMachine or Crosscore 180. But it represents so much of what Balance Performance is about. Practicing movement to achieve functional movement that is fluid, flowing, accurate, precise, full of intent and purpose. Functional movement is dynamic, rotational, variable in speed and intensity: we recommend use of bodyweight, dynamic resistance (kettlebells), and bodyweight plus eg. the WarMachine.

I was asked by a journalist from Health Club Management about the difference between the WarMachine and CrossCore 180. For some WarMachine seems a bit too confrontational so prefer the name CrossCore 180. The military, MMA, combat sport and strength/conditioning coach community have few issues with the WarMachine. Schools and colleges, sports teams, commercial fitness gyms, physiotherapists, rehab facilities and pilates studios feel CrossCore 180 “Turn your Game Around” is more appropriate for their clients. At Balance Performance where we have a mix of clients following a path of rehabilitation and those focussed on improving sports/functional performance right from the outset we quickly educate them that the WarMachine that hangs in our centre is accessible to all!

Whatever label you choose the challenge of “pulling the pin” remains. Rotational movement is available once control of simple symmetrical movement has been achieved – rotation/spin/twist and turn is what the human animal does and needs to maintain and improve.

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