The Cycle Diaries World Adventure

Matt Mcdonald and his friend Andy approached us at Balance as they are currently training for a very ambitious cycle expedition to ride from London to Sidney to raise awareness and money for the charity War Child. They are both local and Matt had previously been to Balance as a client and so was very keen to get our input to maximise their preparation. We immediately wanted to get involved and so have sponsored the guys and arranged for them to see several key people at Balance to ensure they are ready to take on the world!

They have just seen our dietician Rees Colling to ensure they stay fuelled up. They are also due to see Dr Stewart Laing our resident sports scientist, Stewart will be carrying out an in-depth hydration assessment, this will be key in staying healthy on their long trip and preventing illness. They are also going to have a session with one of our physios Martina to develop a comprehenve stretching program and also jump into one of our trigger point therapy workshops. Matt and Andy are taking advantage of our team to ensure that they are able to perform at their best and prevent any problems occuring.

They have a great website so check it out and you can sponsor them too its all in a good cause!

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  • Matt April 7, 2011  

    Massive thanks to Scott and the fantastic team at Balance, we promise to send you a postcard!!
    Matt & Andy

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