CrossCore WarMachine – opportunity for everyone to enjoy movement

Balance Performance is about empowering our clients and shop customers to take care of themselves and limit their reliance on medicine or therapy. This requires increased body awareness and understanding how to move closer to a balanced state of human life given the restrictions of the modern lifestyles we have chosen. i.e prolonged time at work, sitting, eating, gaming, driving, computing, and being stressed!

Learning to move well is key, we teach freedom and flow in movement (ask about Lissom Technique with either Julien and Jason), whether working against the resistance of a kettlebell (dynamic strength, endurance and control) or simply using your own bodyweight. A recent addition to the tools we endorse is the War Machine also known as CrossCore 180. suspension training has been popularised by LifelineUSA’s Jungle Gym and the TRX but the addition of a pulley adds the ability to move far more freely, to rotate and spin and cycle.

Although the WarMachine can provide exceptional challenges and conditioning for the most extreme sports, combat athletes and military personnel it is also a phenomenal tool to make it easier to learn/rehabilitate controlled flowing movement. Once thats in the bag the intensity can follow with increasing speed, resistance, range of movement and duration.

One example of the WarMachines adaptability is seen in the video below which was shot in Tyler Brey’s home gym.Tyler is a jiu jitsu fighter and also a 2012 Paralympic hopeful.

At Balance this so far this week not only have clients used the WarMachine in personal training sessions but we have seen Olympic Fencing hope Claire Bennett using it within her cross training programme to push her CVfitness (mountain climbers!!!) whilst she is not allowed to put weight through her foot, as well as a kitesurfer, surfer, circus performer/dancer (her spins beneath it were fantastic to watch all of whom have been having rehabilitation at our London centre for knee and shoulder injuries.

if you want to try it out contact me and let me know where you are, hopefully there will be one available nearby. call my mobile 07960-861-267

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