The Lissom Technique at Balance Performance Physiotherapy

The Lissom Technique is the truly innovative creation of two exceptionally gifted specialists in human movment and part of the Balance strength and conditioning team Julien Diaz & Jason Prog.

Lissom is a free flowing movement technique that encompasses a combination of simple but challenging moves and stretches to build core strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  The movmements used in Lissom stem from movments which have been in use for centuries through dance, martial arts and most importantly play. Lissom takes technicaly difficult moves and breaks them down into managable and enjoyable routines.

The Lissom technique  has been born out of the need to challenge both the physical and mental elements of our bodies.  Our bodies are designed to move in a free flowing and dynamic way, yet in todays society we have become very rigid in our movements as a result of the computer generation.  

Using body resisted exercises is both physically and mentally challenging.   It is this type of movement which really challenges the body’s stability and coordination and strength.  Using precise techniques to achieve good alignment through movement brings fluidity, stability, flexibility and strength.  Overall, there is a feeling of body empowerment, liberating your body and mind. 

There are two Lissom classes at Balance at 7am and at 7pm every monday, please call to book or for more information.

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  • peter goodman June 28, 2011  

    I live in NW London . are there any classes for Lissom in this area ?


  • JonathanLewis July 29, 2011  

    Hi, there is a class in North Fulham on a Thursday evening at FitRooms (SW6) for details speak with teachers Julien or Jason 07774594843

  • Hector Taylor August 20, 2011  

    I live in Bristol- are there any classes here?

  • JonathanLewis October 13, 2011  

    not currently, but you should thoroughly investigate the professional local to you. There will be someone near by with an eye for quality movement training that demands control but at the same time is exhilarating and satisfying – it is a rare commodity that we are proud to say is present in all of the movement sessions we teach at Balance Performance.

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