Crosscore Pulley Suspension Training introduced for Shoulder Resilience

As we introduce the WarMachine (the pulley suspension training system

from Crosscore USA) at grass roots level in the UK we are seeing the experienced professionals and experts in their fields coming forward
and asking for us to come and show them the 360 degree potential the
system offers its users for health and fitness, injury rehab and
surgical recovery, sports performance (from tennis to MMA) and those
that want/need to have some fun with their physical training.

One such professional is Andrew Bellamy an osteopath who runs the Adur
Clinic and Shoulder Centric from the Brighton and Hove area.

Andrew who is a forward thinking professional who looks one step ahead
for the benefit of his clients. He has put this workshop together to
help sports injury specialists and personal trainers do the same,
pulling together 3 powerful tools. The WarMachine, the Rotater and Kettlebells for shoulder function,
recovery and resilience to injury.

We have worked before with Andrew sharing his knowledge in Real Time
Ultrasound of the shoulder with the Balance sports injury team and
Andrew has supplemented his existing knowledge of trigger points by
learning more about the Trigger Point Performance self-massage tools.

Really looking forward to this workshop, any questions please contact
Andrew directly or Jonathan Lewis at Balance.

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