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There is so much going on at the moment at Balance Performance that i could be blogging daily, the reality is that its so busy the blogging activities are at a low!

Stewart Laing is one of the UKs most respected Sports Physiologists, has worked with some of the worlds elite athletes but is able to find the most relevant tests to suit you and your goals. From hydration tests to help you optimise injury recovery to the full battery of tests to assess aerobic capabilities, body fat percentage/lean mass composition. call Balance on 02076272308.

The strength and conditioning team is very strong. Kettlebell coaches, (Svetlana, Cj Swaby) with the most experience and highest skills, knowledge gained from the worlds best teachers. Movement specialists Julien Diaz, Jason Progl delivering the Lissom technique to individuals and small groups, learn how to move with poise, control and fluidity. Strength and conditioning coach Darren Brown guiding personal training clients through bodyweight drills, olympic and power lifts.

Balance Performance has two of Londons best sports masseurs in Trevor Speller (also an osteopathic student) and Kellie Roberts (who London Irish players also benefit from). they provide deep and effective soft tissue work, Trevor also uses active isolated stretching techniques.

Martina Kehoe is teaching 2 classes each week to empower clients to care for themselves using Trigger Point Performance self massage tools to work on muscular adhesions, scar tissue and trigger points – to see the performance/recovery tools click this link to find out more about the classes (FREE for existing clients) call 02076272308.

As always there is an ever present depth of expertise in sports injury treatment and back pain rehabilitation.

To break up the text here’s a video to show you a piece of equipment that encapsulates alot of what goes on at our London performance centre and what we promote across Europe. Flow and control, strength and power in movement for everyone, accessible to all:

CrossCore Pulley suspension system – the WarMachine.

Balance is growing in its impact in providing people with products that are effective in strength, fitness, recovery, prevention, sports injury treatment and back pain treatment, consumables like sports tape, kinesio tape (our brand is KT Tape). Our gurantee is that we will never sell you anything that we dont believe is effective, if you are not sure if a product is right for you contact us to be absolutely confident in your purchases.

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