“War Machine” Pulley Suspension Training workshop

Introducing the WarMachine for the ultimate in “3D bodyweight training.”

Jonathan Lewis, Cj Swaby and Ricardo Abreu will be sharing their expert knowledge and experience of how to get the most from this exciting piece of kit.

They will go through basics of press, pull, legs, trunk and combined, compound movements  before “pulling the pin” and meeting the challenge of rotational control.

There will be plenty of tuition and group work using the WarMachines so there will be plenty of time to practice and ask questions to learn how strength, endurance, and power are delivered with balance, control and flow.

 Cost is £35.

For those that decide they can’t do without CrossCore’s Pulley Suspension System in their lives £35 will be discounted from the cost of your WarMachine.

 But we’re not selling time shares! You don’t have to buy one! Just as use of the WarMachine is increasing at Balance Performance gym  you will start finding War machines across London and UK so if you want to get the maximum from them this workshop is unmissable. 

Call 02076272308 to book a spot or call Jonathan with your questions on 07960 861 267.

Look forward to seeing you there,





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  • JonathanLewis March 2, 2011  

    Charles, thanks for your comment, i had to edit it but i appreciate your sentiment.

    best thing to do if you want one in Canada is do it through http://www.crosscore-USA.com, Brenadan and JP will send one to you no problem.

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