Trigger Point Performance tools gaining recognition in international press

Just in time for Christmas! The Candian news channel recommend the quadballer in their Fitness Gift Ideas for Christmas piece from Celebrity trainer Sean Karp. Im not sure about his choice of the Sandbell (a cross between a medicine ball and a kettlebell) but that he (and the presenter) recommend the quadballer based on the benefits they have gained from using Sean’s “Favourite roller” is enough to redeem him in my eyes. Hopefully the more exposure these quality tools get the more people will value self care and recovery. Shame the focus is on fitness and “athletes with injuries” rather than explaining that this is equally beneficial to a back pain sufferer or stiff necked office worker as it is to the marathon runner or the gym rat!

Candian News recommend the Quadballer for Christmas Fitness Gifts!

Also joining in on the Christmas recommendations was the “Globe and Mail” whose personal trainer, Kathleen Trotter put TPT in at number 5 in her “Holiday gift guide for the gym rat”:

For the perpetually sore workout junkie: The Trigger Point Ultimate 6 kit ( helps facilitate muscle recovery by allowing you the benefits of a massage on a regular basis and on a budget. It consists of a variety of massage tools, specially designed to release tight and achy muscles like the calves and hip flexors.

For the Ultimate 6 Kit in the UK go to the Balance Performance Online Shop

To see the whole range or Trigger Point Performance tools and the Grid Foam roller, all of which we use and recommend to our clients every day, come to the Balance Performance Shop in London SW4 6LE. We only provide our clients with products and equipment we know through our depth of experience and knowledge are the most effective available. Not everything in our range will suit every client but we combine knowledge with shopping so our people get the right product for the job in hand.

Alternatively go to the TPT and Grid at the Balance Performance Online Shop if you know already what you want and if you buy from the TPT range or the Grid Foam Roller please make full use of the educational support provided by us and vie the website.

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  • JonathanLewis December 24, 2010  

    Thanks Ron, I took a look at the rumbleroller online. I havent tried it so its difficult to comment on its effect.

    what we like about Trigger Point Performance Tools and the Grid Foam roller and the reason they are the tools we recommend our clients/customers use as part of a sustainable approach to health and performance is the versatility they offer.

    Versatile in terms of intensity and positioning and versatile in terms of cost. The other great thing about TPT is the efforts they have placed in education and we follow that up as much as our people want with classes and online resources to allow them to take full responsibility for their recovery, regeneration and ongoing resilience.


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