CrossCore-USA Pulley Training System: War Machine coming to UK

The War Machine is the Pulley Training system creation of Cross Core USA and is soon to be hitting the UK and Ireland courtesy of Balance Performance

Having been in the possession of only a few strength and conditioning coaches in the UK and Europe the War Machine will now be made available to Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning teams, Bodybuilding coaches, sports teams, health, fitness and gym facilities, sports injury/ physiotherapy departments, and martial arts clubs.

The War Machine is a high quality, high spec, robust suspension and pulley training system that offers everything from simple rehabilitation to sophisticated movement control, from early stage shoulder rehabilitation to advanced strength and/or conditioning.

To register your interest and for presales information go to and plug your email address in on the right hand side.

The War Machine will be challenging coaches and trainees in every setting from the serious home training of the individual, one to one fitness training with a PT, in high street gym classes, MMA conditioning and sports strength training.

To sample what the Crosscore WAR MACHINE can offer you as a rehabilitation specialist, a strength coach, personal fitness trainer or physical/sports training enthusiast book a session with one of the strength and conditioning team at Balance Performance on 02076272308. For those out of London call Jonathan Lewis on 07960861267 to find out where else you can go in England, Wales and Scotland.

For a quick visual taster and glimpse of its potential take a look at one of Cross Core USA’s clips:

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  • Mike Lane June 10, 2012  

    As an ex military specialist I’m a great believer in lifelong fitness and therefore fitness for life. I consider the process a lifelong battle … and now reinforcements have arrived!! A really useful tool to increase flexibilty and core strength as well as workout the entire body..fantastic! i can pack it away in a rucksack and workout daily wherever I go! Really innivotive and versatile! Gonna get my son one soon! Well done….

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