Steve Cotter Masterclass at Balance Performance on Friday October 8th

Balance Performance is once again extremely proud that Steve Cotter, world class teacher of kettlebells, athletic movement and all aspects of strength, conditioning, movement and wellbeing, will be teaching a 3 hour Masterclass at our London facility.

Friday, October 8th, 6pm – 9.15pm
Balance Performance
113 Gauden Road
London SW4 6LE

call 020-7627-2308 to book a spot: £65

Content of the Masterclass is split between the use of the Animal Moves for bodyweight strength and conditioning followed by 90 minutes of kettlebell technique work. For those who do not know Steve Cotter, he is a teacher who not only has an indepth understanding of the subjects he teaches but as an athlete also he is incredible. Poise, touch, balance, power, strength and grace in movement are very obvious.

Animal Movements:

The original Martial Arts originators observed the animals in nature for inspiration in how they would develop such force and ferocity to defend their habits. Certain animals in particular were revered for their fighting prowess. Out of these studies were develop Animal movements, which recreated the power, grace and agility of the natural kingdom. In this course, full contact champion Steve Cotter shares some of the secrets of Animal Movements to teach you how to use your whole body in a powerful, graceful and integrated manner. Not only are these tremendously challenging, but also unique and a lot of fun.

Kettlebell swing, jerk, snatch and variations:

For those new to kettlebell training, we start from the ground up essentials. For those who have been training for years, you have the benefit of Steve’s experience and the constant improvements and refinements he makes in his own training through his study with the Russian and Ukranian World Champions Lifters. If you think you know how to do these lifts, you will still learn some new tweaks and modification to take your current level to the next level. If this is your first taste of KB training, you will learn the essential movements to get you started on a safe and effective fitness program.

Call soon as previously these Masterclasses have sold out rapidly – because of this i have held off sending text messages to my own personal network to give others a fare go at getting on theMasterclass before it sells out.

Hope to see you there.

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