100 Rep Challenge at Get Active in Battersea Park, July 24th

This coming Saturday on Battersea Park by the Millenium Track Balance has been invited to join the London Borough of Wandsworth “Get Active Day” which aims to “get the whole borough moving regardless of age or ability in a wide range of different activities”.

We thought we’d use the opportunity to promote the “100 Rep Challenge” . Balance has worked since 2001 to help its clients find long term solutions to their problems rather than taking the easy option of quick fixes. We believe that the 100 Rep Challenge can be instrumental in getting people to focus attention on the areas of their physical and mental health and wellbeing that require attention.

The 100 Rep Challenge is:

• A simple practice designed to establish an re-enforce positive, enduring habits.

• Suitable for everyone, young & old, active & sedentary, everyone can benefit by using 100 reps to work on the areas of their mental & physical wellbeing that require attention. We approach everything as scalable” – rather than one size fits all, the 100 Rep Challenge helps participants find the best route for themselves

The Challenge is a personal one, about the value of consistent effort. It can work as an individual or group effort but the focus remains a personal one.

The Challenge can be used by teachers, coaches, trainers, athletes, families and groups of any kind who require a starting point for a simple daily practice.

Come and see Trevor and Jason at Battersea Park next Saturday between 10am-4pm for some guidance on how 100 Reps can make a difference:

100 Reps for Joint Health
100 Reps for Total Fitness
100 Reps Strength Endurance
100 Reps Conditioning
100 Reps Breathing Cycle
100 Reps Strength
100 Reps Power
100 Reps – The Original
100 Reps Flow

For the full story of the 100 rep challenge and FREE resources to get you going start here: 100 Rep Challenge

Get Active Day – Saturday July 24, 10am-4pm

The Get Active Day is taking place at Battersea Park Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road, SW11 4NJ.

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