Flow – what is it? Look at this video for one awesome demonstration of flow!

On May 29th Jonathan Lewis and Keith Openshaw (Mad Dog Functional Training Systems) are teaching the a workshop in Edinburgh which will be the first of a series “Flow Restoration”. The Edinburgh workshop is “Flow Restoration – Kettlebells for Injury Rehabilitation”. If you are a physiotherapist/personal trainer/strength and conditioning coach or any other professional wanting to know more than contact Jonathan at Balance or Rannoch Donald begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting in Edinburgh http://simplestrength.com/

But was it is flow?

Flow can equally be a mental state as it is a physical expression. It is seamless transitions from one posture to the next, one sequence of movement to next, a change in direction, a shift in energy systems. Flow ultimately becomes completely smooth and unconscious. Keith Openshaw writes in the workshop manual about the mental state of flow “several terms can give its meaning such as ‘super clarity’ being ‘in the zone’ or ‘totally psyched’ but flow is a way of ‘lifting you from ordinary to optimal’ “.

Our workshop will not go anywhere close to teaching what is demonstrated below but its a great piece of footage showing how humans can flow. However whatever level you are at when flow is interrupted through injury a system is required to restore what has been lost.

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