Invitation to London Triathlon Club

Balance Sports Injury specialist, cycle fitter and triathlete Frances Lynn has invited the triathletes of Pro VO2 (Fulham, London) to make use of our Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill…

Here is the invitation Frances extended on the Pro VO2 club site/forum

Dear Pro-Vo2 Athlete,

Balance Performance Physiotherapy would like to invite you as a ProVo2 team athlete to an exclusive:

World Record Club- Mile Challenge
28th April 2010 – 7pm

The World Record Club (WRC) was established as a racing forum in which athletes can compete on the Alter-G (antigravity treadmill) and really push the boundaries, running faster than they could ever imagine. We have not broken a world record yet, but we are getting ever closer, maybe you could be the first?

The Alter-G technology was designed by NASA and it effectively de-weights a runner from the waist down, in as little as 1% increments, down to as low as 20% bodyweight click here to see it in action. Even at 90% bodyweight, there is a noticeable difference in effort required to run at race pace. Running at 75-85% bodyweight (the chosen racing categories for the WRC) can train over-race pace speeds and leg turn-over rates with very little stress on the joints. This allows quicker recovery, improved posture and technique, and the ‘muscle-memory’ to replicate this when out on the road.

Nike Pro-athletes in the USA have been using the Alter-G for years to enhance their performance and rehabilitate from injury. Shannon Rowbury, USA 2009 World Championship Bronze medalist in 1500m uses the Balance Alter-G when in Europe racing and has her own back in San Francisco.

The WRC ‘Blue Ribbon’ event is the 1 mile distance. For endurance athletes, we have found that it is a good measure of their speed endurance levels; however, if you wanted to test yourself against any distance or world record then we can record that for you too. There are male and female categories and you can choose whether to run at 75% bodyweight or 85% bodyweight.

Results will also be sent through to Pat Leahy and fed into the ProVo2 Multi-sport Champs along with your bike power tests and VO2 max results, so you can see where you stand alongside you fellow ProVo2 athletes.

There will be further information on the benefits of joining the WRC available on the evening and this will include exclusive reduced price sessions on the Alter-G.

Booking will be essential, please email us on to secure your time slot, and we look forward to putting you through your paces on the evening!

The Alter-G World Record Team
Balance Performance Physiotherapy

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