Special OFFER on Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill

To celebrate the Marathon and Racing Season Balance has a Buy One Get One FREE offer for sessions on the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill.

The benefits of the Alter-G a.k.a the “G-Trainer Pro” are many and Balance is going to make a concerted effort to see that more people get to see the potential in using the treadmill. Its not just for accelerated rehabilitation and weight loss. Running and multisport athletes can improve running speed, conditioning, prevent overtraining and assist recovery.

Despite all these benefits many baulk at the idea of running inside even its just once per week! So high praise from world class athlete Shannon Rowbury who last week “Tweeted”:

“Alter-G at M2. Very few products could make me run inside on a gorgeous day like today. Love AG. Great for recovery.”

Shannon Rowbury: Olympic athlete, 2009 World Championships 1500m Bronze Medalist and Alter-G user

To book a session on the Alter-G and find out what a difference it can make contact us via the main website by clicking this underlined link CONTACT PAGE.

To get the details on the offer GO HERE

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